BFK Industrial Products

General Waste Incinerators

Models- Fuel less – Suitable for Houses, Flats, Public places etc. - for burning household waste such as
Kitchen waste, waste paper & cartons, sanitary napkins etc.

Element Holding Refractories

Our Element holding Refractories are suitable for a normal service temperature up to 1400 deg. C  for continuous Operation and up to 1550 deg. C for short duration. Since the above products contain only very low percentage of iron improve refractoriness and provide long life for heating elements

 General Waste Incinerators

All our Incinerators are provided with good Refractory lining inside which are done by highly skilled workmen which ensures better performance and long lasting service. Only quality materials are used for the job. SS grills  or Cast Iron fire bars are used for Fire Place according to the size of the Incinerator. The outer shell is coated with high temperature paint for long lasting.

Industrial Ceramics  


We supply Industrial Ceramics products ( High Purity Aluminium Oxide Ceramics) having the following.

General Properties.

High precision 

Resistant to corrosive liquids & gases

Stable in oxidizing & reducing atmospheres.

Ultra high vacuum resistance.

Good thermal conductivity.

Products & Services

Electrically operated Sanitary Napkin Incinerators suitable for houses, hostels, Institutions,Schools & Colleges are available.

Furnace Accessories such as Temperature Indicators, Thermocouples, Control Panels, Heating Elements, Gas/Liquid fuel Burners etc.
Electric Furnace Element Supports & Holding Refractories (1400 – 1550 deg.C)
Tilting Furnaces, Pit Furnaces, Induction Furnaces, Re Rolling Mill Furnaces, Arc Furnaces, Tunnel Kilns & Shuttle kiln for Ceramic Industry, Bakery Ovens Hotel & Restaurant Ovens( Pizza ovens, Tandoori Ovens etc.,)

Industrial Ceramics : - (Alumina) Precision Machine Parts, Tubes, Crucibles etc.

Foundry Minerals & Coats - Zircon, Graphite, Magnesite, Coatings in powder & liquid form for application on the surface of Moulds for getting excellent surface finish for Metal Castings.
Bentonite, graphite powder etc.
Coconut Charcoal Briquettes (for Shisha), Briquettes for furnaces
Boiler Bed materials, Cast Iron Doors & Sleeves, Fire Bars etc.

Terra Cotta Products
Tandoori Ovens, Casseroles (Cook& Serve, for Micro Wave Oven baking) Plates & Dishes.
Art Ware (Statues, Jars, Traditional Art Ware).
Wire Cut Bricks & Hollow Blocks.

All the products we are dealing are procured from selected reputed manufacturers only or are made according to our strict specifications in order to ensure quality, durability and reliability in accordance with our business motto. 

Electric Furnace Element Supports & Holding Refractories (1400 – 1550 deg.C)

Sanitary Napkin Incinerators

Oil Fired Double Chamber Double Burner Incinerator With Wet Venturi Scrubber